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Emco Wheaton Dry-Break Couplers & Adapters

Designed for total safety. Fluid cannot flow until the Emco Wheaton coupler has been locked into position on an Emco Wheaton Adapter and the valve opened. The coupler can only be disconnected from the adapter when the valve has been closed.  Since product loss is thereby eliminated, possible hazards associated with leakage at disconnect are no longer a concern.

DRY-BREAK™  couplers and adapters are rated for a working pressure of 85 psi (PN 6) and are available in sizes ranging from 1-inch up to 3-inch in diameter with a variety of body construction and seal materials available.

In 2009, we introduced the New EMCO-MATIC™ J71 1-Inch Coupler.  Featuring Automatic Opening and an Integrated Ball Bearing Swivel, this coupler interchanges with all J71 A version Couplers in the field and interface with all J71 Adapters in the field.

Technical specifications and other information  
DRY-BREAK™ Movie Clip Download
J71 EMCO-MATIC™ Coupler and Adapter Data Sheet Download
J72 Dry-Break™ 2-Inch Couplers and Adapters Data Sheet Download
J73 Dry-Break™ 3-Inch Coupler and Adapter Data Sheet Download