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TODO Gas Dry Break

TODO®-GAS DRY-BREAK™ couplings are specifically designed for the safe transfer of LPG (typically Propane /Butane) in both liquid and vapour phases. The materials of construction and component design are specified to recognise the unique properties of LPG and terminal handling characteristics. Working pressure of PN 25 (363 psi).

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TODO Gas 1"

TODO-GAS® 1” couplings are used in a variety of LPG applications from heavy duty Autogas vehicle refuelling to advanced vapour recovery systems.

Easy to connect and disconnect, the TODO-GAS® 1” coupling offers single handed operation and ultra low release on disconnection.

These features make TODO-GAS® couplings ideal for unsupervised fuelling of vehicles, in fact, with a release of 0.15cc per disconnection, fuelling indoors is possible.

The 1” TODO-GAS® coupling can easily handle flows up to 200 litres / minute (52 USG / min) with minimal pressure drop.


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TODO Gas 2"

TODO-GAS® 2” couplings are designed primarily for loading and discharge of bobtails or intermediate bulk delivery trucks.

Robust construction plus the same safety features as the rest of the TODO® coupling family equip TODO-GAS® 2” couplings for frequent use.

With one or two handle options and an integral swivel, TODO-GAS® 2” couplings can cope with almost any loading equipment configuration.

A release on disconnection volume of only 0.35cc means goodbye to operator cold burns.


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TODO Gas 3"

For larger or high flow rate applications, TODO-GAS® 3” couplings have no equal.

Typically used for rail tank loading and discharge (2” in USA), TODO-GAS® 3” couplings can easily handle flows up to 2,500 litres / minute (658 USG / min).

Two handle operation plus a robust integral swivel make sure the couplings are able to take the strains of terminal life.


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TODO Dust Plugs and Caps

Dust plugs & caps should be used to prevent ingress of dirt or water.




TODO Gas Specials / Accessories

Pressure relief valve, for tank unit
Dissipates trapped fluid pressure into hose unit without spillage, to allow easy connection.


Parking device
For safe and convenient storing of hose units.

Long double handle 2"