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Ethanol and FAME Blending

MIT – Turbine Injection Module

With biodiesel and ethanol fuel mixtures gaining importance over the last few years Alma’s MIT Turbine Injection Module offers a simple and elegant solution for metrological and accurate blending of Ethanol or FAME on petroleum loading skids. The compact design and easy installation allow for easy integration into loading skids.

- Ethanol or FAME blending up to 33% at 150m³/h (2500 l/min)
- Creation of final product from basic product
- Various possible orientations
Main Characteristics:

  • DN50-50 ADRIANE Turbine
  • Digital flow control valve DN50
  • 2H00 pulse transmitter
  • PT100 temperature probe with thermo well
  • Optional:
  • DG3001 Gas Sensor
  • 3" version
Technical specifications and other information  
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