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Additive Injection

Additive Injection Devices MIV10.2 & MIV10.2D

The MIV10.2 and the MIV10.2D allow accurate additive injection and coloration on oil terminals as well as storage and loading terminals during deliveries in accordance with a metrological scope.

- Additive / Dye injection for oil, gas, gasoline and diesel
- Sampling
- High accuracy proportioning for injections

Main Characteristics:
  • Stainless steel drilled unit with an oval wheel meter, a 3-way valve for calibration and shut-off valve
  • Pulse transducer 2H00
  • Quick couplers for control or sampling
  • Large range of flow and viscosity
  • Easy integration into all types of loading skids
Technical specifications and other information  
MIV10.2 Download
MIV10.2D Download