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Turbine Meters

Alma AdrianeTurbine Flow Meter

Alma has developed and produces a wide range of specialized Turbine Meters, sizing 3/4" up to 4", and 3 up to 200 m3/h for petroleum products & LPG.

Each model is designed for a specific use:
- On-truck metering for pumped products: Heating Oil and LPG
- On-truck Gravity measurement for gasoline
- Trucks Loading racks
- Railcars loading stations
- Trucks and railcars unloading
- Mobile measurement
- Pipeline metering skids

The Alma Adriane Turbines Meters perform with reliability:

  • High accuracy, repeatability and long life reliability
  • Very low pressure drop: optimum flow rate
  • Efficient double pulse transmitter for low flow control
  • Special aluminum housing for On Truck applications
  • Flow conditioner integrated: no straight lengths required
  • Both vertical or horizontal installation
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Designed for loading petroleum products into tank trucks or tank railcars at a rate of 80 or 150 m3/h, the TurboCompt is composed of:

- An Ex-proof electronic operator Microcompt.
- A Turbine Meter Adriane, sizing 3 or 4”, Pulse emitter 2H00
- An automatic loading valve (Brooks, Camflex, …)

Main Characteristics:

  • Turbine meter
  • Great precision and repeatability
    - stability of measurement
    - very short time of answer
    - detects low flow rates
  • Service pressure up to 19 bars
  • Unaffected by pressure surge
  • Easy procedures for operation and calibration
    - Ergonomic design for convenient operation
    - Short measuring unit: 855 mm
    - Compact
    - Loading information is clearly visible from 10 meters
  • May be operated either independently or incorporated into an automated loading system
  • Easy to install :
    - in all loading arm configurations on islands, for top and bottom loading
    - in place of traditional equipment
    - does not require straight pipe sections either upstream or downstream
    - may be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Allows loading racks to be of smaller design by considerably reducing loading arm horizontal spacing
  • Maintenance is very light, as the measurer has only one moving part
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Mobile Gravity Meter: Autonomous Flexicompt +

Portable and Autonomous metering unit for gravity measurement of petroleum products dedicated to the control of tank-trucks petroleum products deliveries.

- Metering for filling station deliveries
- Reception control of trucks and rail cars
- Compartments split delivery
- Returned products measurement
- Control of delivery

Main Characteristics:

  • 3" aluminium turbine with metrologic check report, max flow rate 80 m3/h (1 300 l/mn),
  • Electronic batch controller (intrinsic safety) with longlife batteries, gas detectors and temperature probe
  • Standards adapters :
    - 4" API input
    - 3” Semi symetric output
    - Other adapters on request
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Mobile Gravity Meter Brochure Download
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On-board Gravity Metering Unit, the industrial solution for gravity measurement at gas stations.

- For Semi trailers and rigid trucks
- By Compartment, Single or Dual
- With pneumatic manifold 1 or 2 manifold by truck

GraviCompt is the answer for today's petroleum marketing, in accordance with API bottom loading and vapour
recovery regulations.

The Alma GraviCompt Measurement set can be installed in many hydraulic and electronic configurations:
- by compartment : the Turbine is directly bolted to the API valve, as part of the API Bottom Loading-Unloading 4’’ piping.
- with manifold : the GraviCompt Turbine is fitted at the exit of a pneumatic manifold; 2 independent manifolds can be mounted on the tank
- mixed: a tank can be equipped with the two kinds of GraviCompt. for example, a manifold on the central (3 to 5) compartments, and direct by compartment for the other compartments.

Technical specifications and other information  
Gravity Metering Unit Brochure - manifold Download
Gravity Metering Unit Brochure - compartment Download