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Integrated Systems

Bottom Loading and Vapor Recovery System (BLVR)

The advantages of bottom loading are well proven, with most oil companies having standardized on the practice internationally.

The benefits of a Vapor Recovery System are that it is safer, faster, cleaner and provides the ability for vapor return, vapor reduction, cost reduction, and closed filling.

Our Bottom Loading Systems usually include Vapor Return facilities at little extra cost.

Vapor recovery is achieved by including a hood on the compartment vent valve and a Vapor Recovery Adaptor at the end of the vapor return pipe. The facility can be utilized for both stage 1A vapor recovery (recovery of vapors whilst loading) and stage 1B (whilst off-loading).

Particular attention has been given to low pressure drop in the design of this equipment. When installed correctly, zero vapor emission can be achieved.. 

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E3000 Top Loading Skids

We can provide complete Loading Skids in compact designs which can be installed in a short time.

Our Loading Skids can be used for all oil and refined oil products as well as for chemical, food and hygiene applications.


  • All oil and refined oil products
  • Food and hygiene industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Single loading applications
  • Complete loading terminals
  • Train, truck and any other compartments
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Position Monitoring System (PMS)

Our Position Monitoring System (PMS) is used to display the position of the marine loading arm within its defined operating envelope. The display uses a standard industry PC and is a live feed of the actual position of the marine loading arm.

The PMS is a stand alone unit and works in the following way:

  • A pendulum potentiometer located on the inboard arm measures the angle of the inboard arm with respect to vertical.
  • A pendulum potentiometer located on the outboard arm measures the angle of the outboard arm with respect to vertical.
  • A direct coupled potentiometer located at the base riser swivel joint measures the slewing angle.
  • Information from the potentiometers is relayed through a PC hooked to the local control panel.


Features include:

  • Remote maintenance
  • Display redirection via TCP/IP or modem
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Sealed Cargo System (SCS)

As energy prices continue to increase and product loss problems continue to grow, active monitoring of bulk petroleum transport is becoming a necessary requirement.

Utilizing proven Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, our wireless Sealed Cargo System (SCS) for fuel road tankers provides operators a unique and accurate way to monitor individual compartment valves and hatches, give instant alerts and real time tracking from loading terminal to delivery point to a host computer or mobile phone.

The system is upgradeable to include wet leg (liquid presence) sensing and geo-fencing i.e. a complete sealed delivery system (SDS) that can replace and add much more than our successful hard wired, onboard SDS which, has been the preferred solution for many years.

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Mouvex Complete Unloading Package

Mouvex®, a member of PSG®, is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products worldwide.


  • Complete unit ready to be operated (Includes Pump & Meter system)
  • Unloading metered of fuel tank semi-trailers
  • Able to unload different types of products thanks to the low residual volume (limited mixing)
  • Products allowed: Heating oil, Diesel, Kerosene, …
  • Accurate system integrating a robust ISOIL Meter & Air eliminator
  • No degassing vent
Options and Accessories:
  • Turbine Meter
  • Ticket printer
  • Pulse transmitter
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