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High precision flow measurement critical to petrochemical industry

With the sole southern African sales and distribution rights for Brodie International under its belt, the Soliflo group addresses the accuracy of custody transfer through a portfolio of high precision fiscal measurement and control solutions.

According to Phil Dawson, director of sales and marketing at Soliflo, SA’s petro-chemical industry is now able to reap the benefits of custody transfer solutions that have been achieving the highest marks for customer responsiveness and satisfaction for decades in the international market. “Through the integration of Brodie’s BiRotor Plus™ series of positive displacement meters, Soliflo is able to provide industry-leading accuracy and reliability critical to players both upstream and downstream in the petrochemical industry.

“Our piston control valve line-up provides a complete set of multiple control actions and types, based upon a consistent single design base and we support the installations of these positive displacement meters and piston control valves with a series of strainers and air eliminators that provide the correct protection against intrusion of unwanted foreign material.”

BiRotor Plus™

The BiRotor Plus is a volumetric flow measuring device designed for the accurate measurement of petroleum liquids in a variety of applications. This double case meter combines the rugged durability and long service life of the tradition BiRotor meter with the improved accuracy and pulse output associated with today’s most sophisticated devices.

Utilising single or dual outputs, with two non-wetted pick-offs mounted 90 degrees electrically out of phase, the BiRotor Plus complies with API Level B pulse output standards. Output signals are amplified and shaped by a pre-amplifier mounted directly on the meter for transmission to accessories such as totalizing counters, digital read-out devices, provers and other control equipment and instrumentation. Typical applications include loading/unloading, batching, blending and inventory control of petroleum products where accuracy and repeatability are the deciding factors in meter selection. Soliflo is also able to supply packaged systems for blending and for the loading or offloading of tankers.

The BiRotor Plus is recommended for loading and unloading tankers, railcars or trucks as well as for pipelines, aircraft refueling and general purpose flow measurement. The 3" (linearity +0.10% over 13.1 flow range) and 4" (linearity 0.075% or better over 30:1 flow range) BiRotor Plus models are industry leading in terms of accuracy and performance with repeatability reaching +/- 0.01%. “Applied in custody transfer, bio fuels and terminals, the BiRotor Plus provides amazing results in any of its variations (3" to 6") saving operators in their total cost of ownership,” adds Dawson.

The BiRotor Plus Meter utilises the exclusive BiRotor principle. There are no sliding, oscillating, or reciprocating parts.

Cyclone meter

The mechanical model 2200 Cyclone Meter is a 2 inch single case, positive displacement flow meter and has been designed for the high speed measurement of petroleum products.

Of non-ferrous construction, its simple design utilizes the rotating crescent principle of operation which allows for high accuracy performance that exceeds requirements found in aircraft re-fuelling, bulk plants, tank truck and general petroleum applications.

As liquid enters the input chamber of the measuring element, an internal cylinder containing two crescent-shaped rotors is driven in a clockwise or counter clock-wise direction (flow direction dependent). As the cylinder turns within the measuring element the rotors divide and transfer a discrete volume of product to the outlet port.

A mechanical coupling attached centrally to the measuring unit, provides rotational mechanical energy necessary to drive registration equipment. As the measuring unit rotates each revolution is transferred by mechanical output gearing and then to the adjustor. The adjusted output is then registered in exact engineering units. The Cyclone meter is equipped with the Model 4200 Adjustor for applications which require bi-directional or non-cyclic performance.

Design features include an extremely wide flow range, low pressure drop, 90 offset or in-line flanges affording superior accuracy and long service life.

“We are proud to be associated with Brodie International, a North American company that was established in Georgia in 1929. With long established and impeccable credentials, it is an industry leader internationally in the production and distribution of high precision liquid flow meters and valves used in the custody transfer of petroleum products,” concludes Dawson.

“Whether you are worrying about custody transfer, master metering or any other related application, Soliflo is able to supply you with a precision product that delivers the specific application knowledge, solution and support to keep you ahead of production and margin targets.”

The Soliflo Group is a leading supplier of an extensive and unparalleled range of products and services to southern Africa’s tanker manufacturers and end-users since re-establishing itself in South Africa in 2003.

Offering a comprehensive range of safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly liquid control, fluid and gas transfer solutions to tanker operators, Soliflo also supplies leading brand access and loading equipment for road, rail and marine tankers.