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Aviation Overwing Nozzles

Emco Wheaton manufactures a number of overwing fueling nozzles for both general aviation and military fueling. A variety of options are available including the unique SPEED SPOUT, which allows for the interchange of spouts on the line as needed, and the hot refueling features, which allow for the safe refueling of helicopters with rotors turning.

G162 Overwing Refueling Nozzles - Military Specification

The G162 and G163 overwing type nozzles are designed for fueling in high pressure applications.

Dual poppet valve and dashpot features assure easy opening and positive, shockless closing.

These nozzles are supplied with standard brass dust cap, ground cable and strainer.

G1260 Swivel is available for advanced functionality.


  • Designed for fueling in high pressure applications
  • Dual poppet valve
  • Supplied with standard brass dust cap, ground cable and strainer
  • G1260 Swivel available for advanced functionality

G180 Overwing Fueling Nozzles with SPEED SPOUT

We developed the G180 Overwing Refueling Nozzle for fueling commercial and military airplanes and helicopters.

This nozzle is designed to be lightweight, comfortable to operate, and rugged.

The Speed Spout Option allows the fueler to change spouts in less than 5 seconds!

Available with 3 different spout configurations - flared, 1.5" strainght, and 1" straight with or without a bumper ring.

Speed Spouts
G180 Grounding Cable 


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G180 Overwing Nozzle Brochure Download
G180 Overwing Fueling Nozzle with Speed Spout 3D Movie Clip View

G180 Standard Overwing Nozzles

Whether you are fueling military jets in the desert or helicopters on an oil rig, or a training plane at your local FBO, we have the solution to meet your fueling needs!

The G180 Overwing Nozzle is configurable with a number of different spout, inlet and accessory options.

Designed to be lightweight and easy to control, this nozzle allows you to control the flow easily at low flow or at flows as high as 90 gpm.

G180 LNB


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G180 Overwing Nozzle Brochure Download

G457 Automatic Hot Refueling Nozzles

The G457 Automatic Helicopter Refueling Nozzle was originally developed for military applications.

This nozzle is designed to ensure that fuel cannot be accidentally delivered into the engine air intake during hot refueling (fueling with rotors turning).

Commercial helicopter operators will appreciate the significant cost advantages in terms of the reduction in turbine cold starts occurring from the ability to safely refuel with rotors turning.  

Available Configurations:

  • Curved or straight spout (other spout configurations available)
  • Female ISO or female NPT inlet
  • Varying ground cable lengths available

View a 3D model of the G457 Automatic Helicopter Refueling Nozzle in action by clicking here.

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G457 Automatic Overwing Fueling Nozzle Data Sheet Download