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Bus - POSILOCK 105 Fuelling System

The Emco Wheaton POSI/LOCK 105 Automatic Fueling System is the industry standard for fast fill, spill-free fueling of transit buses and other fleet vehicles.

Designed to specifically meet the needs of the fuel tank and the vehicle on which it is installed, the POSI/LOCK 105 system is the choice of bus companies and transit authorities from Toronto to New York, from London to Hong Kong and from Dublin to Chicago.

Each system includes:

  • Patented fill neck design including the POSI/LOCK II and POSI/LOCK-III specially configured to handle flow rates of 20-50 US GPM (75-185 l/min)
  • Customized level control valve with settings that allow for a consistent 95% fill and also exceed international standards for vehicle rollover
  • Factory-tested pressure relief valve proven to exceed standards for fire testing
  • An audible signal that lets the fueler know when the fueling operation is complete
  • Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK technology to prevent spillage
  • A connection point protected by the virtually indestructible POSISNAP Cap
  • The G2266 Nozzle which allows for automatic shut-off and is completely field repairable using the repair kit program


Additional infomation  
Posi/Lock 105 Bus Fueling Brochure Download
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