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Off-Highway Automatic Fuelling System

Our G2266 OFF-HIGHWAY EQUIPMENT AUTOMATIC FUELING SYSTEM is designed for off-highway and mining operations where high-speed fueling, dust and dirt protection, spillage elimination and automatic shut-off are required.

The system can also be adapted for a variety of other fueling applications.

Each system includes:

  • The G2266 nozzle, which is capable of handling flow rates of 50-150 US GPM (185-565 l/min), provides auto shut-off and is field rebuildable using the Emco Wheaton Repair Kit Program
  • The G40 Omnivent, a duel purpose valve which provides level control – a consistent 95% fill of the fuel tank, and pressure relief which protects the tank against over-pressurization in fire situations
  • An adapter with male or female threaded inlet incorporating Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK technology to prevent spillage


The system is adaptable to many different types of vehicles, including mining vehicles, gantry cranes, and straddle carriers.

Our Engineers can custom design a solution to your fueling challenge.

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