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Rail - Buckeye Automatic Fuelling System for Diesel Locomotives

Our Buckeye Automatic Fueling System uses only two basic components: The Adapter and The Nozzle.

The Adapter Assembly:

  • The Emco Wheaton Adapter is mounted to the diesel unit at each fueling connection on the locomotive chassis.
  • Minimal modification is required for installation. Simply remove existing fuel fittings and replace with the Emco Wheaton Adapter.
  • All adapters are equipped with dust caps.
  • A manual adapter is available when refueling cannot be done with the nozzle.

The Automatic Nozzle:

  • One basic nozzle handles all fueling requirements and provides a fuel flow range from 50 to 300 GPM.
  • The nozzle is hydraulically balanced to permit easy opening and shock-free closing.
  • This feature makes it possible to save fueling time by starting the pump before attaching the nozzle.
  • Increased pumping rates are also possible since higher pump relief valve settings may be used with safety.
  • The Emco Wheaton Nozzle assures automatic shutoff when the fuel tank reaches capacity.
  • When fuel level reaches the level shutoff tube, fuel transfer is shut off automatically. The tank is full.
  • Overfill and underfill conditions are completely avoided. Fuel tank levels are consistent from fill to fill.
  • Spill hazard is virtually eliminated.
  • Since automatic shutoff is housed in the Emco Wheaton Nozzle and not in the locomotive, bench repairs can be made without involving locomotive downtime.
  • This feature keeps the locomotives in service as maintenance takes place.
  • The tripping mechanism of the Emco Wheaton Nozzle seals it against dirt, dust and other foreign matter.
  • Additional reliability and long service life come from a Teflon piston seal and Teflon bearings.
  • Safety features include a test plug for checking pressure and flow rate.
  • Fueling operations are eased by a raised ramp on the outlet coupler ring that provides easy nozzle attachment and release from the locomotive.
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