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Floating Suction Systems are used within storage tanks for petroleum and aviation products. Suspended by the surface of the liquid, the inlet to the pump is held in the clean dense product regardless of the constantly changing liquid level. For tanks with floating roofs, large bore roof skimmers move with the roof to drain away unwanted liquid.

C0001 - C0013, C0015 - C0093 Floating Suctions

Our Floating Suctions come in a range of designs to suit buried, above ground, semi-buried and vertical tanks as well as for use with articulated drainage units with a floating ceiling/roof.

Floating Suctions have the following advantages when compared with permanently fixed bleeding nozzles:
  • The product is always transferred in a defined distance under the liquid level
  • Contamination dirt, sediments, solid particles and heavy fluids remain on the tank bottom ensuring constant quality, independent from liquid level
  • Ease of steering and long lifetime due to the swivel joint ball bearing
  • Easy to mount due to internal swivel joint flanging
  • Robustness against pressure conditions (pressure variations) in tank and tube
  • Minimal vortex formation through optimized inlet with anti-vortex suction
  • Pressure-proof floats
Technical specifications and other information  
Floating Suctions Data Sheet Download
Classification of Emco Wheaton Floating Suctions (ATEX Directives) Download