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Grounding Control

Grounding control devices for controlled discharge of electrostatic electricity are an important and necessary part of loading rigs and filling stations handling inflammable liquids.

Grounding Control Device EKX-4

For Controlled Grounding of Tank Trucks, Railway Tank Wagons, Containers and Barrels.

New Generation Grounding Control for Use in Gas and combustible Dust in hazardous areas of zone 1 and 21.

When loading fuels or other non-conducting inflammable hydrocarbons into or from fuel-carrying vehicles it is absolutely necessary to ground trucks and wagons in a safe way to divert the electrostatic charges and to prevent a possible generation of sparks by an unintentional discharge which may cause an explosion.

The new Grounding Control Device EKX-4 is designed to carry out a controlled grounding connection to the object while loading fuel into tank trucks, railway tank wagons, containers or transport barrels.

It guarantees loading only in case of a sufficient low impedance grounding connection to the object. As soon as a correct grounding is confirmed, the signal lights and the potential-free control outputs are switched over to release. If the grounding connection is interrupted, the device switches immediately back into the safe status.

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Marine Grounding

The Marine Grounding System type SEK-2 serves to carry out and monitor potential equalization during loading and unloading of inland and sea oil tankers.

This ship grounding system consists primarily of a Grounding Control Device type EKT-3, a measuring transducer and a grounding control unit including a contactor, which are built into a water-jet protected switchgear cabinet of stainless steel.

The measuring transducer is designed to monitor the extremely low impedance equipotential bonding line and controls the power contactor for connecting through the potential equalization line via the grounding control device.

Due to the very low impedance monitoring circuit, the capacity and hence the length of cable is not critical. Therefore, cables up to maximum length of 30 m can be used.

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Coupler Interface

The coupler interface is an electrical device for use in zone 2 potentially explosive atmosphere areas. The intrinsically safe potential-free control output is compatible with the limit value sensor for overfill preventions and designed for connection to a limit value socket according to TRbF511.

Note: Brochure is in German only.

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To avoid dangerous sparks between a component and the tank during the loading operation, the tank must be earthed. The basic function of the DCMT 3 is to automatically earth the tank to the ground, preventing dangerous sparks between the rig and the tank and minimizing operator error.

DCMT3 is programmable and changes to the set up values for electrical recognition can be made. The value of resistance and capacitance limits are programmable.

The site specific electrical signatures are pre-set during the manufacture stage and if necessary these can be controlled externally.

The application should be specified when ordering.

Main applications of the DCMT 3 are:

  • Tank truck earthing 
  • Barrel earthing
  • Wagon earthing
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