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Overfill Prevention

Overfill prevention units for bottom-loading tank trucks are utilized for discharging electrostatic electricity as well as controlling intrinsically safe the linked level sensors installed in the tank trucks to control the fill level.

Overfill Prevention - Type EUS-2

To enable a safe filling process, the overfill prevention control device EUS-2 provides three main functions:

  • Overfill prevention
  • Grounding verification
  • Vapor recovery monitoring

During loading of tank trucks, the level sensors at the tank truck (one sensor per tank compartment) are connected to the control device EUS-2 at the filling gantry by a standard plug and socket connector.


The level sensors are positioned in such a way that they trigger the shut-off of the product flow for all compartments via the stationary gantry controller right in time to prevent an overfilling.

Technical specifications and other information  
Flyer EUS2 Download
Technical Description EUS2 Download
Accessories EUS 2 Download
Overfill Prevention Control Device Brochure Download

2 & 5 Wire Optic Overfill Sensor - Art. DT2.03 & Art. DT5.03

Designed for overfill prevention during loading operation of fuel tankers.

  • For tankers of up to 8 compartments.
  • For tankers of less compartments our electronic simulator of compartments (DUMMY) model SD7.03 is used, which simulates up to 7 compartments.
  • Optic sensor of immediate response.
  • Immediate authorization at connection without waiting periods.
  • Maximum reliability with continuous self-check as required by EN13922 regulation.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Lastest generation electronics for more reliability and endurance.
  • Invers polarity protection
  • Art. DT2.03 is compatible with all 2 wire thermistor and optic controllers.
  • Art. DT5.03 is compatible with all 5 wire thermistor and optic controllers.
  • Intrinsically safe.
  • Certified for use in zone zero.


Technical specifications and other information  
2 & 5 Wire Optic Overfill Sensor Datasheet (incl. Additional Options) Download

Additional Options:

Simulator (DUMMY) - Art. SD7.03

  • Simulates up to 7 compartments.
  • Use of only one Dummy for 1 and 2 compartment tankers.
  • Maximum reliability.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Encapsulated electronic circuit in epoxi resin, in a container box.
  • Latest generation electronics for more reliability and endurance.
  • Invers polarity protection
  • Compatible with all the 2 wire thermistor and optic controllers.

Overfill sensor cable - Art. CDT5L

  • Flame retardant (IEC 60332.1)
  • Microbe and hidrólisis resistant
  • Halogen free
  • Conductives with TPE isolation and
  • cabled by layers
  • Tension test 3000V
  • Tested according to VDE.

Socket Series - BE10/BE11

  • For use with 2 wire sensors (optic and thermistor) and 5 wire optic sensors.
  • The dummy can be lodge inside the case.
  • As an option it can be supplied with a interlocking pneumatic switch for the vapor
  • recovery hose.
  • Includes a ground connection pin.
  • Sturdy construction.

Ground bolt - Art. GB2/5

  • Prevents loading while the ground bolt is not properly connected.
  • Stops the loading operation automatically if the ground bolt breaks at any momento of said operation.
  • Easy installation.
  • Directly wired to EQUIPTANK’s overfill prevention socket series - BE11.