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Mechanical Vapour Recovery

Jordan Energy Solutions' mechanical vapor recovery unit (MVR) provides a reliable, low maintenance solution for condensate and liquid storage vapor recovery. The MVR unit is one of Jordan Energy Solutions’ answers to capturing natural gas emissions from oil field stock tanks.

The Jordan MVR unit is a customizable pre-engineered vapor recovery unit capable of moving .018 to 400 MCFD. The MVR unit may use rotary screw, piston or scroll compressors powered with either electric or EPA certified natural gas industrial power plants. Additionally the unit contains state-of-the-art PLC based regulation with an integrated gas blanketing system, not a rough on/off pressure switch and a pump.

Ideal for nonattainment areas where state and federal air quality regulatory requirements require vapor recovery or other emission controls, the MVR unit is an alternative to venting or flaring and will maintain storage tank pressure within safe limits and correct tank operating parameters automatically. This helps you recover every BTU and avoid releasing any vapor into the atmosphere.

High reliability, low maintenance, simple foundations, low operating costs, low initial costs, low consumed power at unloaded condition, and suitability for process fluctuation— such as gas composition and pressure— are some of the basic attributes of the rotary screw compressor MVR unit.

Jordan’s reliable MVR unit is designed using the Jordan Technologies’/Jordan Energy Solutions’ years of experience as a global technology leader in vapor recovery and is based on time-tested rotary screw gas compression technology.

Mechanical Vapour RecoveryFeatures

Based on many years of field service experience, we have taken our knowledge and incorporated it into equipment and systems offering unique design and features that always meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Fully automated, PLC based operation
  • Integrated gas blanketing system
  • Electric or EPA certified natural gas engine
  • Advanced, easy to use engine and compressor controls
  • Large capacity water and trash knock-out tank
  • Easy fill oil separator tank
  • V-belt or VFD drive for flexible pressure and volume matching
  • Gas engine oil reservoir with self leveling system
  • Automatic lubrication system for critical bearings
  • Rugged skid mounted containment system
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