Soliflo has access to the most comprehensive range of API couplers available in the market today.

Each coupler incorporates a host of patented features, which provide trouble-free operation and also ensure a clean, spill-free loading rack. These couplers are approved worldwide and recommended by the world’s major oil companies, operating successfully in some of the most demanding environments.

New Generation J0453 API Coupler
J0453 API Coupler

New Generation J0453 API Coupler

Safer, more efficient & easier to use in the most demanding terminal environments.

Suitable for a range of applications, these API bottom loading adapters and couplers form the mission critical connection during bottom loading of the road tanker at the loading rack.


  • Improved Ergonomics
    Improved environmental and operator safety with an optional integrated pump to further reduce disconnect leaks
  • Lightweight Design
    Greatly reduced weight with improved ergonomics, down to just 7.1kg
  • Minimal Downtime
    Up to 50% less maintenance downtime
  • Ideal for Complex Applications
    Easier sealing maximises safety of complex loading applications
  • Increased Pressure
    Working pressure increased to 16 bar (g), with test pressure of 25 bar (g)
  • Smooth Operation
    Smoother coupling operation thanks to low engagement force, while providing a secure coupling
  • Industry Certified
    Conforms to API RP1004 for compatibility with API adapters

J0451 API Coupler
J0451 API Coupler

J0451 API Coupler

The J0451 API coupler has been the industry standard for over 30 years and has recently been re-engineered to set a new, higher standard in API couplings. Lightweight and maintenance-friendly, it allows in-situ nose seal replacement, includes a bevelled lip for ease of operation and provides better load distribution.

J0451 API Coupler Pic 2

A number of improved components guarantee safe, leak-free operation and easy, comfortable handling. The J0451 API coupler has superior sealing technology with three seal variants.

J0452 API Coupler
J0452 API Coupler

J0452 API Coupler

The J0452 range of is the most advanced coupler range available in the global market today. The newly launched J0452 has been engineered as a direct replacement to the K2/K2P to be the SNAP ON / SNAP OFF coupler of choice.

The J0452 is maintenance-friendly, providing in-situ nose seal replacement, has the lowest leakage on disconnect in its class and includes a bevelled lip and ergonomic design for ease of operation. It includes an optional integrated pump with filter element and has a wide range of spare kits available.

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