FLOBLOCK Additive Injector

Flotech Performance Systems (FPS) manufactures complete turnkey additive and dye injection systems for petroleum and chemical applications.

Having drawn on three decades of experience in additive injection systems to develop the FLOBLOCK, the most advanced additive injection manifold to date, Solifo is proud to partner with FPS in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The FLOBLOCK combines Check Valve, Needle Valve, Flowmeter, Solenoid Valve and Filter in a single manifold which measures < 23cm in length. It integrates with all mainstream load computers, additive controllers, PLCs and Terminal Automation Systems.

Based upon a product flow rate of 2400 LPM, the Standard Flow Injector is suitable for 100 - 3000 ppm (typical shot size of 20 - 200cc). The Low Flow Injector is suitable for 20 - 600 ppm (typical shot size of 10 - 40cc).

FLOBLOCK Additive Injector
FLOBLOCK Additive Injector
FLOBLOCK Additive Injector

FLOBLOCK Additive Injector


  • Marker dyes
  • DNA markers
  • Performance additives
  • Stenching & denaturing agents


  • The unique design of the FLOBLOCK incorporates features which combined make it the most efficient and reliable injector on the market
  • Integrated flow control valve allows fine tuning of additive flow and facilitates calibration under true process conditions for more accurate injection rates and reduced additive wastage
  • Integral filter prevents contamination entering the meter or the solenoid
  • Inbuilt non-return valve prevents additive contamination caused by reverse flow
  • One-piece stainless construction and static seals ensures robust, leak-free performance
  • Common bolting pattern and inlet / outlet positions allow direct replacement of most common injectors (adaptors are available where bolting patterns differ)
  • Optional dual pulse flow meter provides pulse redundancy to prevent unwanted shutdowns
  • Optional stainless-steel gears and PTFE seals ensure performance across a diverse range of chemicals and additives

FLOBLOCK Additive Injector
FLOBLOCK Additive Injector
FLOBLOCK Additive Injector

FLOCAL Calibration Device

Flotech Performance Systems has drawn upon 30 years’ experience in additive injection systems to develop the world’s first closed loop additive calibration device - the FLOCAL.

Using the FLOCAL calibration kit (available separately), FLOBLOCK can be quickly, safely and accurately calibrated.

  • Provides accurate and repeatable calibration without exposing engineers to potentially harmful additives or vapours
  • Combines inlet diverter valve, calibration cylinder, graduated piston gauge, outlet diverter valve and sample return pump in one compact device
  • Captures additive in a built-in calibration cylinder from which volume can be read using its graduated piston gauge. Once volume is recorded, the FLOCAL’s integral pump exhausts the contents of the calibration cylinder via a dedicated outlet which can be piped to slops or back to tank


  • The unique design of the FLOCAL makes it the first true closed loop additive calibration device. Using FLOCAL during calibration makes the process safer, quicker and more efficient
  • Integrated calibration cylinder with graduated piston gauge in 1cc increments provides more accurate results than using a simple calibration jar
  • Closed loop design means operators are no longer exposed to potentially dangerous additives
  • Integrated sample return pump prevents additive used during calibration from being wasted - it can simply be returned to tank
  • Optional 100cc and 350cc Calibration Cylinders ensure performance across a diverse range of treat rates
  • Optional Thermal Relief Bypass allows for thermal expansion when the unit is idle, negating the need to purge the system after use

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