Certified Ultra-Low Emissions Burner

Certified Ultra-Low Emissions Burner
Certified Ultra-Low Emissions Burner

Aereon’s Certified Ultra-Low Emissions Burner (CEB®) is a vapour destruction device that utilizes premix surface combustion to achieve the world’s highest destruction efficiency.

With Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) destruction efficiencies of up to 99.99%, NOx emissions guarantee of < 15 ppmv and CO emissions guarantee of < 10 ppmv at 3% oxygen, the CEB® is the ultimate solution for high-level VOC destruction requirements.

The CEB® single unit product range varies from nominal thermal capacities as low as .34 MMBTU/hr. (O.1MW) to 40 MMBTU/hr. (12MW). The CEB® can be staged where multiple units can be installed in series for higher flows.


  • Non-luminous flame-reducing visual pollution
  • Smokeless operation to keep you compliant
  • Combustion air fan that provides 100% of the combustion air requirements to maintain high destruction efficiencies
  • Combustion air fan utilizes a VFD which is used for improved temperature control
  • Integrated PLC-based control system that makes it easy to update and operate the unit
  • Full range of waste gas flow control trains to fit your specific flow requirements
  • Compact footprint with short stack to reduce space requirements
  • Spark ignited pilot is standard equipment that keeps unit reliability high
  • Pilot ignition system can be continuous or intermittent to match operating requirements

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