Emissions Monitor

Emissions Monitor
Emissions Monitor

Jordan Technologies pioneered and holds the patent on vapour recovery Continuous Emission Monitors (CEMs).

Manufactured with high-quality components, our CEMs are built to withstand the roughest field conditions.

Jordan guarantees our monitors to be reliable and accurate.

Jordan’s CEMs include:

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) capable of performing all required local and federal emission calculations and reports
  • Systems that meet all regulatory requirements
  • Daily, two-point auto calibration check
  • Permit-driven customization
  • All stainless steel sample handling system
  • Explosion-proof enclosure models

Our monitors are compatible with many custom gas configurations and can also be used for process control.

All of our systems are custom designed to meet your unique requirements.

We can install your CEM and certify it using qualified, licensed personnel and offer total support for all aspects of the systems that we supply.

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