TODO-Matic® Dry Break

The first choice for the safe handling of hazardous, valuable or environmentally- sensitive media. Complementing the DRY-BREAK™ range, these products are available specifically for high pressure applications.
Working pressure of PN 10-25 (145 - 363 psi) Todo is pleased to offer proven solutions for DEF/AdBlue deliveries to small containers, IBC totes and bulk storage tanks giving minimal residual spillage upon disconnection.

Major offshore exploration, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies rely on TODO-MATIC® couplings to safely transfer their most aggressive or valuable liquids.

Designed for safe and easy use with minimum operator intervention, the installation of TODO-MATIC® couplings can transform your operation by offering the following benefits:

  • Reduces spillages to virtually zero.
  • Dramatically improves both operational and fugitive emission performance.
  • Reduces the possibility of human error in transfer operations.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • TODO-MATIC® couplings offer an unbeatable combination of technical, safety and performance features.

TODO-Matic 1”
TODO-Matic 1”

TODO-Matic 1”

TODO-MATIC® DRY-BREAK™ couplings in 1” (DN25) size are designed for smaller bore applications where compact dimensions are required.

One handed operation, high flow rate and minimal release on disconnection make TODO-MATIC® perfect for transferring high value or sensitive medias with confidence.

The addition of selectivity to prevent product cross contamination expands the operational possibilities in manifold exchange applications.

TODO-Matic 2”
TODO-Matic 2”

TODO-Matic 2”

The 2” (DN40+DN50) coupling size probably covers the most diverse selection of applications in the TODO-MATIC® family.

Available in a range of material and connection configurations, TODO-MATIC® 2” is designed for rapid and safe transfers.

Offshore chemical dosing, -harmaceutical feedstock and aggressive chemical vapour transfer are just some of the challenging applications TODO-MATIC® couplings see on a daily basis.

We even offer the special 4WD TODO-MATIC® coupling in this size for the most demanding of situations.

High certification levels, lowest release figures, high flow rates plus many more features make TODO-MATIC® 2” the ideal multi-application coupling system.

TODO-Matic 2.5”
TODO-Matic 2.5”

TODO-Matic 2.5”

The 2½” TODO-MATIC® coupling is generally used in road tanker and aviation applications transferring a variety of liquids and vapours.

Just like all TODO-MATIC® couplings, the 2½” is available in a full range of materials and offers compatibility with most applications.

A strong integral swivel, ergonomic design and robust construction ensure that TODO-MATIC® couplings are equipped for the real world.

Easy servicing using TODO® dedicated repair kits ensure your couplings offer many years of trouble-free operation. Standard seal forms mean maintenance costs are kept low.

TODO-Matic 3”
TODO-Matic 3”

TODO-Matic 3”

A true 3" coupling similar in size to the 2½” but, with greater flow.

Typically used for road and rail tank loading/discharge, in plant chemical transfers etc.

Tough construction, ease of handling, no spillage and high flow made this coupling the natural choice for NATO refuelling standardisation.

TODO-Matic 4”
TODO-Matic 4”

TODO-Matic 4”

Without exception, this is the most compact, lightweight, high flow 4" self-sealing coupling system available.

Used extensively for offshore ships to rig transfers of fuels and drinking water, aviation fuel bunkering, rail tank loading / discharge, chemicals etc.

Rapid, positive connection and disconnection make TODO-MATIC® the standard for barge to ferry re-fuelling and multiple rail tank discharge.

TODO-Matic 6”
TODO-Matic 6”

TODO-Matic 6”

The same features and method of operation as the rest of the range make 6" TODO-MATIC® the ideal ship/barge to shore connection.

Much faster and safer than any flange coupling means not only environmental standards compliance but real turnaround time savings.

Full marine construction with rotating lifting loop as standard.

As with all TODO-MATIC® couplings, the 6" is equally suitable for flexible hose or loading arm applications.

TODO-Dust Plugs and Caps TODO-Dust Plugs and Caps
TODO-Dust Plugs and Caps

TODO-Dust Plugs and Caps

Dust plugs and caps should be used to prevent ingress of dirt or water

TODO-Matic Specials / Accessories

Pressure relief valve, for tank unit
Pressure relief valve, for tank unit
Dissipates trapped fluid pressure into hose unit without spillage, to allow easy connection.

Developed especially for the use of aggressive chemicals using a new patented valve mechanism.

  • Easier to connect / disconnect.
  • Less seal wear due to the use of advanced seating and coating technologies.
  • Less total loss of fluid on disconnection. WP: PN 25.
TODO-MATIC® for extremely corrosive media
TODO-MATIC® for extremely corrosive media
Available in Hastelloy, other materials on request.
Tools for draining of hose and tank units
Tools for draining of hose and tank units
Parking device. For safe and convenient storing of hose units.
Parking device
For safe and convenient storing of hose units
Hose unit with magnetic switch
Hose unit with magnetic switch
The switch indicates if the hose unit is fully connected to a standard tank unit. Can be used to start pumps, activation of brakes on road tankers, etc.
2' foldable handle mounted on the swivel
2" foldable handle mounted on the swivel
1' foldable handle
1" foldable handle
2' round handle
2" round handle
2½'-3' straight handle
2½"-3" straight handle
4' round handle
4" round handle
Tool for changing rollers, 4'
Tool for changing rollers, 4"

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